Chocolate Fountains & Champagne Fountains
                                                                           " Hosted by Chad "

                                                              412 - 367 - 7001
                                                                       Pittsburgh , Pa.

          Chocolate Fountains & Champagne Fountain                                                               
Hosted by Chad in Pittsburgh                                                                                  

               Chocolate Fountains & Champagne Fountains," Hosted by
          Chad " is a family owned and operated business. We are a
          member of the Chamber of Commerce. We are located in
          Pittsburgh and Surrounding Areas.

          We are committed to excellent customer service. We create an
          Elegant setting to your affair. Making sure your Event is an
          enjoyable and care free experience. Our staff will make your
          Event everlasting.

         We are pleased you have considered using Chocolate                                              
         Fountains & Champagne Fountains, "Hosted by Chad" for
         next scheduled Event.

        Just imagine your guests being pampered and spoiled by your
        elegant settings of Chocolate,Fruit and Beverage. Our Fountains
        are versatile enough for several different types of
        Chocolate and Beverages such as: Milk and Dark,
        Chocolate. Champagne, Wine, Margarita's and Punches.

        Chocolate Fountains & Champagne Fountains, "Hosted                               
        by Chad" are perfect for Weddings,Bridal Showers,Quinceaneras,                        
        BabyShowers,Family Reunions,Anniversaries,House Warmings,                          
        Church Functions, Proms,Birthday Parties,Corporate Events,                                 
        Trade Shows and much more.                                                                                                                                        

        If you want a taste of Elegance and Class , you have chosen
        the best !!