from our
The Chocolate Fountain was wonderful. We had guests at our Wedding who really don't like   
chocolate, however,they loved the chocolate and the Fountain provided by "Chocolate and
Champagne Fountains 'Hosted by Chad". Our attendant was wonderful! Very
professional,caring and helpful.
Erin & Michelle, Pittsburgh,Pa.

You guys were amazing! The biggest hit of the reception!Thank you so much! "Chocolate &
Champagne Fountains " Hosted by Chad"
Nicole, Greentree,Pa.

The guests at our party loved the Chocolate Fountain! Everything was very professional. We
look forward to working with you again.
Joe & Mary , McKeesport, Pa.

The Fountain was a huge hit, as we knew it would be! Thank you, Chocolate and Champagne  
Fountains "Hosted by Chad" We already have had inquiries about your company. We will
definitely pass along your info!
Phil & Teresa, Aspinwall ,Pa.

We can't wait to recommend you  and your delicious Chocolate Fountain. More of our friends
are interested. Thank you for  a great evening!
Kate & William, Oakmont , Pa.

Awesome! Everyone commented how great it was and so delicious. Our attendant did a great
job! Thank you so much Chocolate and Champagne Fountains "Hosted by Chad"
We will use you again!
Jan and Beth, Etna, Pa.

Chocolate & Champagne Fountains (Hosted by Chad)

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Chocolate & Champagne Fountains " Hosted by Chad"